Retired High Performance Athletes: Substance Abuse and Depression

A written report under Dr. Lisa Gowthorp Many professional athletes have difficulty transitioning after retirement. Throughout their careers they face normative and non-normative transitions, however, their biggest transition occurs after retirement. Athletes develop in various domains over the course of their careers. Many times, their programs have little in place to assure they have a [...]

Social Media and Division I Basketball Programs

A Written Report under Dr. Jeffrey Brand Social media has been a growing tool for college athletic administrations.  This analysis will examine the policies of division I college athletic departments in accordance with the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). Part I will generate an overview of NCAA basketball, participation, and it's fan base. Part II [...]

Tokyo 2020

The Future of the Olympics and Tokyo 2020. Recently there has been a lot of news around Tokyo and their preparations for the 2020 Olympics. This blog will expand on Tokyo and how they are preparing for a successful Olympics. First, it is appropriate to address the current perception of the Olympic games. What exactly does [...]

Talent Identification, Detection, Selection and Development.

  "Talent identification is the process of recognizing current participants with the potential to excel in a particular sport." If you are a coach then you have spent time focusing on talent identification. You may have subconsciously thought of the differences between identification and selection while analysing a prospect. Selection is focused on the athletes [...]

Narcissism in Sport

Narcissism is prevalent in many domains and institutions. From politics to celebrities, we see individuals unreservedly glorified. A recent study claims that narcissism has risen in The United States more than 30% since the 1980's. Sport is no exception to narcissism. Sport fanatics have a tendency to place successful athletes on pedestals, give them names like "King [...]

From Player to Coach

In light of a recent article by Steven Rynne  from The University of Queensland (Link in post) It is often that elite athletes find themselves in coaching after their playing careers. It is a common assumption that if you are a talented player, with a keen understanding of the game, then you will also be a great coach. [...]